No matter the kind of home you live in, small or large, you will agree that no home can be complete without a kitchen. The kitchen is the most essential room in your home. It influences your lifestyle and acts as a hub for the home. 

So, it is crucial to pay attention to this part of the home and make it as elegant and well-designed as possible. 

While many kitchen designs exist, there are those that stand out in the crowd. One such kitchen is the modular design. Of late, these kitchens have become the talk of the town. 

The lifestyle of urban homeowners, which is usually fast-paced, has led people towards these sleek and efficient kitchens designed by professionals to replace the traditional kitchens made by carpenters.

These designs accommodate all the necessary utility and storage appliances within modules. Many people now prefer different kinds of modular kitchens based on reasons such as cost. Here are some of the kitchens in this category that have grown in popularity.

1. Zwarte Keukens

An area that affects the appearance of the modular kitchen is its color. The layout might be perfect, but if you get the color wrong, the kitchen’s appearance is not something you will love. One design people are falling in love with is the Zwarte Keuken from Keuken Ekelhoff. 

In the past years, most people settled for white kitchens. This was not always the case because, before that, the brown kitchen was the go-to design for most people, especially in the ‘80s. Today, the white kitchen seems to be on its way out. The Zwarte Keuken contrasts the white kitchen since it removes excess liveliness while offering a touch of mystery. When you choose this kind of kitchen, you are choosing to stand out without seeking much attention. 

The kitchen is exclusive. It comes in different shades and materials, is easier to cook and clean, and matches well with appliances. So, if you want a perfect design for your modular kitchen, the black shades are the perfect starting point.

2. L-Shaped Kitchens

Making your modular kitchen functional and enjoyable highly depends on the layout. L-shaped kitchens are a classic design choice, and this is for a good reason. Thanks to the shape, the kitchen will have excellent storage and flexibility; thus, the space does not feel too cramped. Furthermore, it is one of the most stylish and adaptable options. Its flawless design prioritizes practicality and flexibility, and its look allows you to use all the corners of the kitchen and the space-saving storage options.

An L-shaped modular kitchen works with traditional and contemporary cabinetry, regardless of shape and size. Its form is adaptable enough to accommodate structural requirements such as sloping ceilings or high windows. Moreover, you will not run out of ideas for creating this kitchen. You can choose the desired materials for your cabinet, but the most common are PVC, glass, plywood, Teak wood, and MDF.

3. Island Modular Kitchen

An island model is among the modular kitchens that have grown in popularity. The layout consists of the bench and the unconnected island space that you can utilize as an extra counter area where you can dine, chop, or conduct various purposes. Additionally, you can use "kursi stainless" for simple yet modern chairs for your kitchen.

This modular kitchen’s unique attraction is the island- it might be free of equipment or come with a sink or stovetop. You can also use the space as a breakfast nook to grab quick bites and entertain visitors. Moreover, you can blend it with other designs or layouts.

4. Straight Line Kitchen

They might be classic or old, but straight-line modular kitchens are again in the trend. This kitchen is ideal for an urban dweller living in a tiny apartment or enjoying minimalism. The straight kitchen is made along a single wall, as the name suggests. You will find a linearly arranged washbasin, refrigerator, and cooking hob on the countertop. 

It might sound elementary, but designing a straight kitchen while ensuring it is aesthetically attractive is extremely challenging. Regardless, it is one of the leading wooden modular kitchens.

5. Parallel Kitchen Layout

The layout of a parallel kitchen is pretty much straightforward. It is simple, with two cooking areas or countertops parallel or adjacent. Each area has several cabinets on the adjacent kitchen walls for keeping ingredients and utilities.

You will find designated sink, stove, and storage areas in this design’s countertops. There is also a space for an oven or grill despite the specific location for cooking. So, you can bake or decide to grill on the weekend with much ease.

The main upside of this kitchen is that it allows multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time. These kitchens are flexible and adaptable to any design. And because of the neatly fitted cabinetry and well-planned layout, the kitchens allow neat organization and sufficient storage of utensils and kitchen tools. Therefore, you will sweat less in the kitchen and spend more time doing the things you love.


The soul of the house lies in the kitchen, and the countertops are the beholders of the magic. Modular kitchens provide a unique approach to modern kitchens and are the present and future of kitchen designs. They have a market value of 42.5 billion and are expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% up to 2028. 

All modular kitchens come with smart storage solutions, tall units, wall cabinets, floor-standing cabinets, and dedicated shelves to make your cooking clutter-free. What’s more, they also have numerous colors and finishes. 

They are hassle-free and utilize the right kind of materials. So, you will not go wrong with these designs. It is time to make that kitchen upgrade to a modular design.