78% of Fortune 500 firms rely on SharePoint as their main online and offline capability-improving tool. SharePoint is a crucial platform for secure document management, collaboration, intranets, etc. The best part is that small businesses can now utilize SharePoint as well; it is no longer just for giant corporations. This SharePoint tutorial goes through a few essential components of having SharePoint certification.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • How does SharePoint work?
  • Benefits of SharePoint
  • Types Of SharePoint Certification
  • SharePoint Certification Path
  • Uses of SharePoint
  • Career opportunities after completing SharePoint Certification

How does SharePoint work?

SharePoint is primarily a web-based tool used for document management, data storage, and collaboration in a demanding corporate environment. SharePoint is frequently used to build sophisticated online apps. According to SharePoint developers, this web application is beneficial for sharing, storing, collaborating, and unrestricted access to data from numerous devices.

Microsoft SharePoint developers have access to two essential products for building SharePoint apps. The descriptions of these are provided below.

  • WSS- Windows SharePoint Services is a crucial content management and distribution technology for managing and storing files and folders. Only the most fundamental features of a content management system are offered.
  • However, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, also known as MOSS, combines SharePoint features with Microsoft Office programmes. SharePoint developers mostly use this version because it enables document saving as a web application component.

Benefits of SharePoint

Unparalleled Collaboration: Using SharePoint, team members can easily share data and updates while working on an application development project. Real-time information flow is made possible by the most recent collaboration capabilities of SharePoint, making it simpler to access and exchange information across the company.

Customized to meet your growth needs: The most cutting-edge and distinctive tools for modifying features to suit the demands of your particular development project are available in SharePoint. You can develop numerous unique features using SharePoint and create a fantastic toolbox for your application.

The SharePoint platform makes it simple for developers to include different features in any application. Components can be integrated and customized based on your development project. Custom features associated with your brand are used to manage the overall user experience.

Centralized Management: SharePoint offers more in-depth control and a comprehensive management system for the entire platform. It has a central management panel that controls all application administration features, backup, system configuration, upgrade options, restore, configuration wizards, etc., in one location.

Strong integrity and security: SharePoint provides strong integrity and security features. The platform's built-in security features prevent unauthorized access and maintain the integrity of application data. Permission control, the ability to observe all future modifications and changes to a document, and several levels of protection at the document and application levels are just a few of the security and integrity capabilities that make SharePoint the perfect collaboration platform.

Types Of SharePoint Certification:

  • Fundamental: The first level is intended for people who are just starting with SharePoint Server or who may even be considering a career change.
  • Associate: This level requires two years of thorough platform usage experience. The Fundamental level is optional for those who select the Associate level.
  • Expert: This third level requires two to five years of relevant, in-depth SharePoint technical knowledge. The Associate level must also be attained before moving to the Expert level.

The SharePoint certifications & examinations required to earn them are mentioned below:

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification Path:

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

This certificate assesses knowledge of fundamental cloud ideas, Microsoft 365 services and concepts, compliance, security, privacy settings, and Microsoft 365 support and pricing.

Exam: MS900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals 

Microsoft Certified Associate Certification Path 

MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Teamwork Administrator Associate

This certification measures the SharePoint on-premises configuration and administration, hybrid deployments, and SharePoint Online migration.


MS300 - Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork 

MS301 - Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Certification Path 

MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Enterprise Administrator Expert 

Exam: MS100 - Microsoft 365 Identity and Services - Office 365 workloads and applications are organized, Microsoft 365 services are created and implemented, user identities and roles are managed, access is controlled, and authentication is managed, among other actions.

Exam: MS101 - Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security - Examine your skills in managing Microsoft 365 security and threat management, managing Microsoft 365 governance & compliance, and integrating existing device services.

The following are some uses of SharePoint:

  • The majority of businesses utilize SharePoint to enhance staff collaboration and communication.
  • Information like project tasks, data, calendars, documents, etc., are instantly accessible through SharePoint.
  • Instead of keeping files in a single place, like a hard drive, SharePoint is used to keep them in a shared area.
  • Internal and external company sites are created and managed using SharePoint.
  • SharePoint helps employees communicate and share information more effectively through social networking technologies.
  • SharePoint offers sophisticated document management tools, including the ability to define access privileges that specify who may and cannot access specific documents.

Career opportunities after completing SharePoint Certification

Many people utilize Microsoft SharePoint as one of the most popular content management systems. Having SharePoint certification will give professionals a distinct advantage in their understanding of how to distribute data, files, and text online and their ability to plan, develop, and administer web-based distribution. 

IT professionals must comprehend the requirements of various target groups and companies. We advise you to enroll in a customized SharePoint certification training if you need to gain experience with this platform.

The usage of business application software as an application platform is covered in the SharePoint training curriculum. It can be challenging to get an IT position that does not need SharePoint online and Microsoft SharePoint certification because SharePoint provides security measures as part of the crucial IIS integration and administration.


Working with an expert is necessary to get the most out of SharePoint; that's where we step in. Our online training for SharePoint includes all the essential current subjects with market demands. The team of skilled SharePoint developers can assist you with your upcoming project from conception to completion.