If you haven’t considered social media marketing a primary source of growth for your startup, you need to start now! More than 4.2 billion people worldwide are using social media, which suggests that all your potential customers are already present there! So what’s stopping you?

Starting social media marketing from scratch can be challenging as there is so much to cover that cannot be done at once. Growing on social media is slow, but the more attention is given to one platform, the better the result will be. 

You can do a lot through social media for your business, starting from building a brand identity, creating a brand image, generating leads, connecting with your customers, and, most importantly, growing your business or startup. Let’s look at some of the most efficient ways to organically grow your business on social media. 

How To Grow Your Startup With Social Media Marketing?

1. Create Your Brand Image

 Creating a brand image when starting your social media marketing is crucial. With more than 50% of the world actively using social media, you already have your high potential customers here, but how to use it to your advantage? The right way to use the mass audience to your advantage is by identifying the problem and offering a solution. You can leverage PR software to help you manage your brand image.

83% of social media users claimed they discovered a new brand through social media! So that’s your sign of being found today! To get a headstart on growing your social media through interactive graphics and videos, you can check out the Explainerd website.

Here are the five LinkedIn profile tips to get you started.

2. Improve Your Website Traffic

Social media is an excellent way to increase the number of views on your website. You can bring more traffic to your website by embedding links to your products and sharing posts about your startup and how it can help your customers. The critical factor here is to make your posts and content interactive and informative. 

Keep your content helpful and give them a positive impression of your products and services. By posting informative content, you can help your business in many ways. For example, when customers think about making a purchase, your business will be the first thing that pops up in their minds.

Including your website’s link in the description section of all your social media handles is a great way to help people who discover you through social media campaigns to know more about your business and avail of your services. 

To grow your social media, you need to stay up to date on the trends and constantly remind your customers of your existence without being too spammy. Being regular on social media can be tricky as it is time-consuming but don’t worry. 

The practical solution is to hire a virtual assistant to manage your scheduling and plan new interactive posts for your social media accounts. Your virtual assistant will not only help you to be regular but also help in keeping different platforms active and engaging. 

Virtual assistants are much more cost-efficient, and highly skilled than regular employees and would be a better solution based on your limited budget.

3. Generate More Leads

Social media is a cost-effective and easy way of getting more organic leads. Unlike other forms of advertisements or campaigns, social media advertisements cost less. In addition, when advertising on social media, you can choose the quality of the audience that comes across your advertisement. 

So rather than just numbers or clicks, you can target the ideal audience that would convert into leads and potential customers. 

By implementing this, you can get the best output from your invested money and attain the full potential of your advertisement or campaign. Additionally, you can also use smart money platforms to connect you to the investment community. It might help to find a solution for managing your invested money.

4. Utilize Your Passion for Photography

If you love taking pictures, your hobby can be transformed into an excellent side hustle that could become a significant revenue stream. You can start taking pics to make money and use your social media platforms as a portfolio. High-quality, engaging images are a crucial element of social media marketing. They can make your posts more attractive and increase engagement, leading to a larger audience and potential customer base.

Whether it's capturing the essence of your product or service, documenting the progress of your startup, or creating aesthetic lifestyle shots that resonate with your brand, these images can be used to enhance your social media content. You can also sell your photos to stock image websites, other businesses, or freelance clients. It's a fantastic way to monetize your photography skills while promoting your startup.

Don't overlook the potential of visuals in driving your social media growth. An image can say a thousand words, and in the digital age, it can also earn you money. So, take out your camera and start clicking. Who knows? Your next photo could become the face of a marketing campaign, a beautiful backdrop for a website, or the perfect image for a brand's Instagram post. This method is not only lucrative but also lets you showcase your creativity while boosting your startup's social media presence.

It's time to turn your photography passion into profit. You don't need to be a professional to get started. Even with a smartphone and good lighting, you can start taking high-quality photos. As your skills improve, so too will your earning potential. Start capturing the world through your lens today and turn those snapshots into cash!

5. Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing is more popular and effective now than it was a few years back, but it purely depends on the kind of influencer with whom you choose to collaborate. For example, some influencers are startup owners or entrepreneurs with a good number of followers that perfectly match the type of audience you wish to have.

There are thousands of micro and nano influencers on social media with as many as 1000 to 2000 dedicated followers. Getting small influencers to talk about your brand is significant to pitching to more prominent influencers for startups and small businesses. In addition, with fewer bots and fake followers, micro-influencers tend to give better results when it comes to collaborations. 

Another creative way of executing collaboration is by featuring them through informative videos. Their audience follows them because of their content, so an innovative video relevant to the content they post with a fusion of your brand can make all the difference. 

Companies like Explainerd do an exceptional job at bringing ideations to life and creating highly-interactive videos. People love to consume content in the form of videos, and it would be a cherry on top when their favorite influencer is in it. 

Recommendations from friends and family make a more significant impact than a paid advertisement that you stumble upon, which is why micro and nano-influencer marketing is the most effective. When people talk about your brand, it works in your favor in building brand awareness and increasing credibility. 

6. Conduct Giveaways and Contests 

People on social media love to get their hands on free products and services, which is a great way to promote your business! Organizing giveaways and posting user-generated content can boost your engagement exponentially. 

Interacting with your followers and featuring them on your social media handles can establish good relationships with your followers, which develops loyalty. You can use Omegle, a platform to interact with people, and you can even convert a stranger into your follower. In addition, giveaways and contests are a great way to push your followers into sharing and increasing your reach. This way, more people will be able to discover you and your business. 

7. Grow Through Content

You must post the correct content to retain the reach of various social media marketing strategies, providing reliable, authentic information through your posts. Good content helps keep the audience and also brings in new ones. 

Once you establish a spot of reliable information, with the assistance of SEO specialists and SEO experts, you can compete with your competitors in your niche. This will help strengthen your SEO, and search engines will start ranking your website higher. In the same content, choose quality over quantity! 

Posting something twice or thrice a day compared to posting something informative once a day can make all the difference. 

What’s Stopping You?

Regardless of your business or startup size, social media can be a great tool to grow in the right direction. It all might seem overwhelming at once, but you can overcome that by first starting with small steps. 

Start small and experiment with different tools as there is no ‘one size fits all’ in social media marketing. Instead, experiment with everything, and based on the response, choose what suits best for you and your startup. 

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