When the internet is full of video advertisements, you should be creative to make your product and brand stand out in the market.

If typical 2D animation videos become too cliche, crafting a stop-motion animation can be a good idea to advertise your product.

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By integrating personalized SMS campaigns with your captivating stop-motion animations, you can create a multi-dimensional marketing approach that truly captures your audience's attention. We've compiled six excellent examples of stop-motion animations, but first, let's get to know the basics.

We’ve compiled six excellent examples of stop-motion animations. But first, let’s get to know the basics.

What is Stop Motion Animation?

Stop motion has distinct characteristics compared to other animation videos. Stop motion refers to a technique of making animation from pieces of images.

Creators will build a setting to show an individual scene and take a photo of it. After taking pictures of all the scenes, animators will combine them in a frame.

This process will give moving effects to become animations. Next, editors will add audio or other necessary motion or objects as a finishing touch.

Examples of Stop Motion Animations

There are some styles of stop motion animation which differ in the materials used for creating objects.

We’ve compiled six examples of stop motion animations with a brief explanation of their characteristics. Let’s check them together.

1. Cut-out Stop Motion 

Cut-out stop motion requires you to draw objects on paper or cloth, then cut them according to the shapes. You can also use pictures to shorten the production process. 

When all the objects are ready, continue developing the setting scenes and taking pictures of them individually. Then, combine all the images to create movements.

2. Object Stop Motion 

Object stop motion is also relatively easy to make. Here, you need to squeeze your creativity to choose real objects that will star in the video. 

The production process is similar to cut-out stop motion, where you have to create and take pictures of the scene individually and combine them in a frame.

3. Graphic Stop Motion

Different from the previous two, graphic stop motions require you to be creative with computer technology. 

You can make simple settings by taking pictures of particular objects and processing them in software to add animation objects, colors, text, audio, or graphs. 

4. Clay Stop Motion

Have you ever watched the ‘Shaun the Sheep’ cartoon? It’s one of the most popular clay stop motion animations.

Making clay stop motion requires clay or other malleable elastic materials. Those materials will create a 3D effect on the objects.

5. Puppet Stop Motion