An animation video has now gone beyond an entertainment show. Its function has evolved into an effective advertising tool in the global market.

Moreover, animations are the perfect style for creating an explainer video, which has become one of the most in-demand types of video for marketing purposes.

However, the question “what is an explainer video?” is still roaming among marketers, business owners, and people in general.

This article will briefly discuss animated explainer videos and the five must steps you need to take to create one. Let’s dive into it.

What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos refer to videos that aim to break down complex ideas to become more digestible chunks of information. They use illustrations, graphs, narrations, typography, and other aspects to deliver messages and engage audiences.

An animated explainer video is primarily short. The typical time frame is between one to two minutes. So, audiences don’t have to spend much time getting information and messages from the video.

Steps for Creating Animated Explainer Videos

As the demand for explainer videos keeps increasing, you may try to create one yourself. There are some mandatory steps that you have to take to create an explainer video, as follows:

1. Planning

You can never skip planning, as it will be your guidelines throughout the process. Plan comprehensively for your video styles, content, storyline, and budget. If you work as a team, you may set a specific job desk for each team member.

2. Script Writing and Storyboarding

A video script will help you construct the timeline and ensure all vital essential information is included. Also, it will be the script for your voice actor to narrate the video.

Storyboards will be image representations of your video. The person responsible for creating the storyboard will include an explanation of each frame.

3. Creating Video

The video production process will follow the storyboard, so that’s why creating a storyboard is a must. In this phase, you will put objects, graphs, audio, typography, motion, and other aspects.

4. Post Production

You need to review the entire video before exposing it to your audience. ‘Does your video contain all essential information?’ ‘Is it error-free?’ or ‘Is it crack-free?’

The reviewing stage will help you create flawless videos. You can take immediate action when you’re not satisfied with certain parts of your video.

5. Optimizing Video

You need to optimize your video to perform well in cyberspace by exposing it on social media sites.

Also, optimize your video SEO by creating keywords and putting them strategically in the title, description, tags, and video transcription.


An animated explainer video can be a breakthrough to make your business stand out in the sea of competitors.

If you think the process of creating an explainer video is too much to handle, you can work with an animated video company to help you make a high-quality video.