Motion graphics have become one of the most in-demand animation videos for marketing purposes. More businesses use motion graphics to introduce their brands, products, and services to audiences.

This type of animation video is a perfect option for creating brand videos, explainer videos, instructional videos, and even movie clips. As the demand for motion graphics keeps increasing, becoming a professional animator can be a good life decision.

We’ve compiled the five best motion graphic software for all levels of animators, including beginners. Before that, let’s uncover the definition of motion graphics first, shall we?

What are Motion Graphics?

Most straightforwardly, ‘motion’ refers to movement, while ‘graphics’ refer to graphs or 2D and 3D visual designs.

Therefore, we get the meaning of motion graphics as moving visual designs, such as graphs, typography, photography, or any 2D and 3D objects. In most cases, creators also add audio to make them more engaging.

5 Best Motion Graphic Software

There are many motion graphics software in the market, but we’ve compiled five of the best and most used by animators at all levels. Most importantly, they’re all beginner-friendly.

1. Adobe After Effect

Adobe After Effect is on top of the best motion graphic software list. It has all the essential features to develop and animate illustrations from the storyboard. 

With basic tools and an easy interface, Adobe After Effect is one of the best beginner options.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is primarily software for editing videos. Animators use this software to add and combine motions, transitions, and audio. 

They also do the finishing touches and make sure that the video is crack-free using Adobe Premiere Pro. Moreover, it is integrated with Adobe After Effects.

3. Cinema 4D

Animators use Cinema 4D to create models, textures, animations, and simulation effects. Many users love to use Cinema 4D due to its simplicity and flexibility when integrated with other software. 

However, beginners need extra effort because Cinema 4D has a steeper learning curve.

4. Blender

If you’re looking for free VFX software, Blender can be a good option. Many designers from the video game industry use Blender to edit videos.

Even though it may be challenging for the first-timer, Blender is still a great platform to hone their skills in creating 3D animations.

5. Maya 3D

If you dream of working in big animation studios, you should consider learning Maya 3D. It’s the rival of Cinema 4D, but both are capable of creating high-quality 3D animations.

Creators commonly use Maya to develop animations for movies, tv shows, and video games. But, you can also use Maya to create motion graphic videos.

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It’s always optional which motion graphic software you want to learn. You can try the one that fits your budget or needs. You may also like to learn more than one software.

It can be challenging for beginners to use certain software, but the benefits will always be worth your effort.