Voice-over is vital in providing additional information about a product or service from the video you view. It is a must for every promotional video to include a good quality voice-over in explainer videos.

Voice over is a narration reader using a voice recording technique, where the voice is used as the background sound for a video. Although it sounds easy, you must do a voice-over carefully because its function is very crucial for the effectiveness of your explainer video.

Therefore, the selection of voice-over talent should not be chosen arbitrarily, primarily if it is intended for a company profile video.

As for choosing a voice-over artist, you must be observant because they will convey the message of the company's business. Thus, here are four tips for selecting the right voice-over artist for your explainer video: 

1. Tone of Voice

The next tip is to ensure your voice-over artist has the right tone of voice that matches the content of your explainer video. So it's better to give them direction about the tone of voice that fits the needs of the video content.

Intonation is very important for your explainer video because it will affect the listener's comfort and be one of the determining factors for viewers to stay or skip.

If the video is more relaxed and informal, give the voice-over the freedom to express themselves. However, if you are running a formal video, choose a voice-over with precise intonation and must be professional to match the content.

2. Language and Accent

An accent is an important part when doing voice-over. It can affect the audience who hears a voice-over and watches your explainer video. 

If you intend to expand your business in your home country, choose a voice-over with a local accent to increase your customer base at this level. 

For example, if your business is in Indonesia and your target audience is local, then make sure the language and accent match the Indonesian voice-over.

It also applies equally when you want to introduce your business at the national and international level, then look for the same voice-over accent so everyone can enjoy it.

3. Gender

Some products are often made based explicitly on a specific gender that is more specific to make it easier to choose voice-over. For example, Maybelline cosmetics products always choose a female voice-over because their products are intended only for women. 

However, what if the product is aimed at both men and women? This question certainly often confuses some people. According to research, 48% of respondents feel that male voice-overs are stronger, and 46% of respondents stated that female voice-overs are more soothing than male voices.

4. Speed and Pace

Speed in voice-over is another way to choose the right voice-over artist for your explainer video. With the right speed and pace, the audience can quickly receive the message content of the products or services. That way, you can easily convince your audiences to buy your products.

For example, if your explainer video is 90 seconds long, your script doesn't need to contain much information. Videos for 60 seconds should include 130 to 140 words of voice-over text. So adjust the voice-over with the screen sequence to ensure that what your voice-over artist conveys is appropriate.


Voice-over is one of the essential parts of explainer video production. Producing a good voice-over can help your videos deliver messages to your audience correctly and professionally.   

Thus, choosing the right voice-over artist for your explainer video is essential. You can implement the four tips above to find the right voice-over artist. That way, your explainer video can successfully achieve your business goals.