Implementing video marketing late is better than never. Many businesses have generated significant results after using video as a part of their marketing strategy, such as improving brand awareness and getting more sales.

What is most important in video marketing is powerful content. Having attractive and engaging video content helps your brand stand out among competitors. If you place it on your website, it can improve your UI, boost your traffic, and be good for your SEO efforts. Most importantly, it can turn audiences into customers.

The most in-demand video type for marketing purposes is the explainer video. Appealing visuals and straightforward delivery become the main characteristics of an explainer video.

If you plan to create one, we have compiled three vital points to create powerful content for video marketing. Without further ado, let's dive into it!

Keep It Short and Sweet

Videos for marketing purposes don't need to be long. You only need to focus on delivering vital information and messages. Also, don't forget to mention your product's exclusive features.

The ideal time frame for promotional videos is between one to two minutes. Longer than that, audiences tend to leave the video before reaching the finish line.

Compelling Narration

To have a compelling narration, you need to create a driving storyline. You can make funny, emotional, formal, or other story colors depending on your product and target audiences.

You can also play with the tempo; slow, moderate, or fast for your storyline. A big corporation like Apple uses fast-tempo to introduce their new product. In comparison, apparel companies like Nike use emotional storylines with a moderate tempo.

Commonly brands will raise their target audience’s problems and mention their products as the solutions. This way, brands create an “I got your back” image to build relationships with audiences.

Attractive Visuals

Another vital aspect is to have attractive visuals. Before anything else, you must ensure the video quality is high-quality. Having HD video helps your brand build a professional image.

If you decide to create an animation video or explainer video, you have to make sure people who work behind the scenes are experienced illustrators, animators, and editors.

They will help you create a seamless and crack-free video. Moreover, think of the color combination that represents your brand and products. 


After knowing the three vital points to creating video marketing content, it is your turn to make a move. Another takeaway is to always have a solid plan before starting a project. 

Also, doing video marketing is all about strategy. Make sure to optimize your video performance in cyberspace and monitor it periodically. Lastly, upgrade your marketing strategy constantly according to the trend to maintain excellent work.