Behind every successful explainer video, there is an engaging script that plays an important role. A powerful script will drive audiences to do action, such as pressing the purchase button.

A video script is the heart of an explainer video. A weak video script won't attract many audiences and make them leave your video before even getting close to the finish line.

However, creating a compelling and engaging video script requires skill and experience. If you think your video script isn't good enough, we've compiled the three steps to help you create exciting scripts for explainer videos.

1. Decide Topic and Identify Target Audience

Above anything else, you need to choose a topic for your video. If you've determined your video topic, start to think of a storyline. 

What kind of storyline will be suitable for your products and audiences? You can build a funny, emotional, or serious storyline depending on your products, brands, and target audience. 

Therefore, identifying and understanding your target audience is a must-step. Do comprehensive research on your target audience that includes demographic and psychographic factors. 

Demographic factors include gender, age, ethnicity, education, and income. While psychographic factors cover attitudes, interests, personality, values, opinions, and lifestyle

2. Mention Problems and Offer Solutions

The best approach to getting audiences is to be in the same shoes as them. Therefore, stating their problems will help build trust and relationships with audiences. 

You can bring the audience's problem in the first place to create a storyline. When you've framed the situation well, you can continue by offering a solution, which is your product.

Mention your product's exclusive features and benefits that can be the best solution for your audience's problem. Lastly, don't forget to include a CTA to convert them.

3. Writing Psychology

Implementing writing psychology is vital to developing an engaging video script. There are some points that you should consider when writing a video script, which include:

Avoid being promotional from the get-go

Being too promotional from the get-go is something you need to avoid when writing a video script. It will affect your video performance as it may leave a pushy impression.

Use the first person's point of view

Using first-person pronouns will help you approach audiences naturally. First-person pronouns help you build positive emotions and deeper relationships with audiences.

Use accurate data

You may consider inputting data in your script to improve your brand trustworthiness. Use accurate data as a proof or verification and comparison tool.

Let customers free to choose

Avoid being repetitive by mentioning your product over and over again throughout the video. Focus on creating an informational video and let your audiences make the final choice. 


Creating a script for an explainer video can go wrong if you don't know how to do it properly. The above three points can help you develop an engaging script video to complete your explainer video.

You may overcome hurdles during the process. Therefore, knowing some tips before writing script will help you master the job quickly.